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Salta La Linda – Beautiful Salta

Our Estancia Relais & Châteaux is ideally located for visiting the charming city of Salta while staying in a quiet estancia at the foot of the Andes.
Only a few kilometers (less than 30 minutes by car) from the central square of Salta, it is the perfect starting point for your adventures in the Argentinean Northwest.


Located in the heart of the Lerma Valley, Salta is located at the eastern base of the Andes. Nicknamed La Linda, it is the Argentine city that has best preserved its colonial architecture. It has some impressive places, such as the Cabildo, the Cathedral and the church of San Francisco. There are several museums of great interest, such as the MAAM (Museum of High Mountain Archeology) and the Museum of Fine Arts. Salta is also the place where you can savor the best empanadas in the world.


What to see and do in Salta capital

Located 1,100 meters above sea level, Salta was founded in 1582 and is one of the cities that has always preserved its colonial style.

We recommend you walk through the center of Salta, and admire all the emblematic monuments and buildings: Cathedral Basilica of Salta, the Cabildo and the famous San Bernardo Convent. To go to Cerro San Bernando we recommend you go up to the cable car and at the top admire the sculpture of Christ Rednetor.

The most recommended points of interest

  • High Mountain Archeology Museum
  • 9 de Julio Square
  • Salta Handicrafts Market
  • The Salta Cable Car
  • The Salta Council
  • The Catadral Basilica of Salta
  • The San Francisco Church
  • San Bernardo Convent
  • Monument to General Güemes

TOP 1 – High Mountain Archeology Museum – MAAM with the Children of Llulaillco

One of the best muses in all of Argentina – You can’t miss it …

Visitors can admire exhibits from the universe of the Incas, with an interactive high mountain atmosphere. We first discovered the Andes chain, its peaks in the region, and especially the pre-Columbian life that existed here. The highland region of Salta was located on the famous Inca route, the Qhapaq Ñan, which linked Machu Pichu near Cuzco, capital of the Empire, with all the regions of the kingdom, from Colombia to Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.

The rest of the visit is even more incredible. You will have the rare privilege of visiting the exhibition of the mummies of three children sacrificed according to Inca rituals in the 16th century. The children were discovered in 1999 by high-altitude archaeologists Constanza Ceruti Argentina and Johan Reinhard Americano on top of the Llullaillco Volcano, one of the highest Inca reign sanctuaries in the world (6,739 meters above sea level).

Llulaillco’s children were called La Doncella, La Niña del Rayo and El Niño (like our 3 Junior Suites in House of Jasmines). The three complete bodies have been exposed since 2007 in the Museum and are kept in refrigerators, at a temperature of 18 degrees below zero and with a humidity of 40 percent, which is complemented by an atmosphere of optimal pressure and little oxygen to simulate the environment in which they were found and in which they kept for so long.

TOP 2 – Salta craft market

The artisan market is located on the outskirts of the center, in a historic building from the 19th century, a meeting place for collaborators in the Spanish cause, of Jesuit parents and patriots.

It was inaugurated as a craft market in 1968, being the first in Argentina to be created in its field.

TOP 3 – “9 de Julio” square

The city of Salta was founded here, the most important buildings such as the Cathedral Basilica of Salta, the Sanctuary of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle. You can discover more than 250 trees among them are the Ceibo and Jacarandá national symbols.

It is the perfect starting point to visit our Salta.


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