Cerdo Negro Cold Meats

In collaboration with the famous family-run business Cerdo Negro, we offer you different Iberian charcuterie boards to taste.

Gastronomic offer

“Cerdo Negro” acorn-fed hams are made in an artisanal manner and are naturally matured for at least three years in their cellars.
Cerdo Negro is the only place in Argentina that produces acorn-fed hams.

At La Table House of Jasmines, we offer you boards made of the following products: 

Raw ham
Raw salted pork neck
Raw salted pork shoulder
Salted pork fillet
Iberian sausage

Picada “Cerdo Negro” for 2 persons (total 250grs)
$ 65 900 + VAT, includes a glass of red wine for pairing

Picada “Cerdo Negro” for 4 persons (total 500grs)
$ 119 900 + VAT, includes a glass of red wine for pairing

Cerdo Negro

Cerdo Negro was born from a passion, from a family tradition that dates back to the origins of the “Fernández García” family in Andalusia, Spain. Today, their Argentinean descendants maintain this gastronomic tradition that they carry in their blood. This is why they want to share these high-quality products with passion.

Come and taste these exceptional products, produced just a few steps away from our estancia.