• Cordillères des Andes et son Artisanat
  • Cordillères des Andes et son Artisanat
  • Cordillères des Andes et son Artisanat

The Andes and its handcrafts


Salta’s gastronomy is a mixture of traditions that combine different cultures, Andean, Spanish and indigenous. It is for this reason that in the province of Salta, local food is widely enjoyed. The Salteñas empanadas are said to be the best in all of Argentina.

We share with you our top 7 dishes from Salta:

  • Empanadas Salteñas: you have many options – minced meat with potatoes, chicken with cheese, goat cheese.
  • Quinoa spring: vegetable, quinoa and egg salad
  • The traditional locro
  • Charquita and humita tamale with purple flour
  • Provoleta de Cabra de Cafayate, Creole sauce and chimichurri sauce
  • Traditional Braised Salteño Kid
  • Tamal Salteño, although it is a typical dish from all Latin America, it is worth trying the Salteña version.


Whether they are products woven with alpaca wool, ceramics, jewelry or wooden objects, Andean handicrafts shine with the richness of their colorful patterns, which represent the full spectrum of the rainbow. Go explore the typical markets and make a custom poncho for this winter.


The Artisan Market is located in an old colonial house, with many spaces where shops and stores selling crafts and regional products open. In the market you will find ample galleries of arches and columns, and in the internal patio, a cistern and saltwater tunnels. In addition to handicrafts, you can buy a delicious wine and pastries with sweet cane honey, tapestries are also sold, some of which are mural-sized and are of national production.

To get there: Av. San Martín 2555 Tel: +54 387 4342808/4317058.

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If you want to try Salteña gastronomy, book a table at the Table House of Jasmines, ask for availability.

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