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  • Cours de Cuisine
  • Cours de Cuisine


Our chef shares his secrets with the estancia’s guests, using agricultural products grown in the area. During the cooking classes, you will learn professional techniques to prepare the famous Argentinean empanadas. What better way to surprise your guests the next time you invite them?


Beginners, amateurs, those who love new experiences, all are welcome in our Salteña kitchen. Cooking is undoubtedly a passion and appreciated art.

We share with you the best recipes of Salta’s cuisine starting with the potato empanadas. The Chef of La Table de  House of Jasmines Relais & Chateaux will teach you how to make the famous empanadillas recipe and combinations of traditional fillings to more modern or even lighter ones.


We begin by introducing you to our cuisine, our emblematic recipes and some traditional Argentine culinary techniques.

Weather and season permitting, we will take you on a walk through our orchard and herb gardens. You will discover the products harvested on our farm and used in our restaurant La Table House of Jasmines. To awaken all your senses, we invite you to smell the aroma of each herb and if you wish, you can harvest some to add to your recipe.

After working up an appetite, it’s time to get back in the kitchen and put on the House of Jasmines apron. Our chef introduces you and shares the ingredients for the recipe. We start by making the dough, we give you some tips to get a soft dough and without lumps. After working the dough for a few minutes, it’s time to prepare the filling of the empanada. Empanadas Salteñas are known for having potatoes in their filling.

During the workshop, you will learn how to prepare different types of fillings with seasonal ingredients. Once the filling is ready, make the famous “repulgue”, the folding of the empanada. It takes a little practice, but by the end of the workshop, you will certainly be an expert in the “repulgue” technique.

Congratulations, your empanadas are ready to go in the oven.

At the end of the workshop, we will give you the recipe for the empanadas and we will also send it to you by e-mail so that you always have it at hand.

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Let yourself be carried away by the peaceful way of life of the Argentinean Northwest and learn how to create a unique cocktail, based on the famous local wine of Salta, the Malbec.

Marcela, our sommelier, will have the pleasure of accompanying you during this experience and giving you her best meal & wine pairing tips.
The perfect opportunity to discover new flavors and play with local ingredients from the Argentinean Northwest.

1-hour lesson – Includes a cocktail per person as well as an aperitif (snack) for two.

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It’s time to taste and share your dish! At the end of the cooking workshop, we taste the freshly baked empanadas. You can compare your version with the chef’s, maybe the student surpasses the master. To enhance the flavors, you can accompany your empanadas with a good wine from Cafayate.

In our Estancias you will find a selection of wines from the most renowned wineries in the region.

  • Bodega Domingo Molina
  • Bodega El Provenir
  • Bodega Colomé
  • Bodega Domingos Hermanos
  • Bodega Vasija Secret

If you want to awaken all your senses, the cooking classes are the ideal entertainment.


The little ones can also have fun baking. During the class, children learn, have fun and create something delicious. Back home, they can put the techniques they’ve learned into practice at family gatherings, birthday parties, or on Sunday afternoons.

Baking classes for kids are ideal for awakening their senses and learning cooking techniques that best preserve the nutritional properties of food. Children learn in an orderly and methodical way to follow recipe instructions, select, weigh and measure ingredients.


The playful perspective of cooking classes for children is omnipresent, we start by explaining the recipe of the day. We walk through the gardens, the orchard and pick some fruits if the season or the weather allows it.

Back in the kitchen, we explain the steps of the recipe, the nutritional value of the ingredients, and then we get to work.

To stimulate the children’s creativity, we make pastries decorated with different colors and flavors. Once the pastries are ready, we invite the parents to come and taste their children’s recipes. At the end of the class, the children are very proud and tell their parents about the new techniques they learned.


Our chef works in a Relais Châteaux estancia and that’s why we are committed every day to providing you with quality products and recipes, both in our cooking classes and in our restaurant, La Table de House of Jasmines.

As a Relais Châteaux estancia, we share their values, such as preserving the cuisine and flavors of the world, sharing a passion for beauty and quality, and making the world a more humane place to live and enjoy.

To learn more about the Relais & Châteaux promise, visit this page.


Live an unforgettable experience at the estancia House of Jasmines, in the province of Salta. Enjoy all the comforts of a Relais & Chateaux estancia and admire the fabulous landscapes and mountain ranges of the Andes.