• Horse riding
  • Cycling
  • Bird watching
  • swimming pool



Located 15 minutes from the city of Salta, the Estancia House of Jasmines will surprise you with its nature and large outdoor spaces. In a 100-hectare estate, you can exercise and tone your body in the open air.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, come and live a unique experience. Our gauchos will guide you through the trails and hidden areas of our Estancia. Our Creole horses are docile and tame, adapting to each person. Adults and children can enjoy a two-hour ride around the estancia.

We encourage you to discover the surroundings in a different way, admiring the landscapes of Salta with their many colors. At the end of the ride, don’t forget to take a picture for a souvenir.


Head to the entrance of the estancia and start your ride along the eucalyptus paths, and as you pedal, you’ll smell the unique scent of the jasmines that are omnipresent in the estancia. You will pass by the Spa, La Table and a fronton park.

Keep your eyes open for the different species of birds that visit the estancia.


A sport between tennis and squash: Argentine frontball.

But what is frontball?

It is a ball game that has always existed, the Mayans called it “Pok Pok”, in North America it is known as “Handball”, “Pelota vasca” in the south of France, in Scotland and Ireland it is known as “Gaelic Handball”.

The rules of the game are simple, you use a paddle and each opponent aims to send the ball into the playing area after the first bounce. If the player does not manage to do this, he loses a point.

Fronton is a sport that is gaining popularity since 2017, if you enjoy a stay in our estancia do not hesitate to ask our team about the rules of the game. You will quickly become fans of this sport.


Walking is an excellent way to start the day and watch the sunrise. Walking, although considered a gentle workout, has many benefits. They will help you relax during your vacation and make you much happier.

We recommend that you walk at least 20 minutes every morning and enjoy the scenery of the estancia. The singing of the birds and the smell of the flowers will awaken all your senses. End your walk at the Table House of Jasmines where you can enjoy a breakfast with fresh local products or, on special occasions, a brunch.




House of Jasmines has an outdoor pool. The pool area of the estancia House of Jasmines is perfect for swimming and relaxing without seeing the time passing. Sit on our lounge chairs or deck chairs and enjoy the sun and warmth of Salta. Recharge your body with vitamin D while enjoying the sun, a drink, or a refreshing snack.


Recharge your energies in the Spa of House of Jasmines, our team of professionals will make you live a pleasant experience.

Our 300 m2 Spa has a wet sauna, a dry sauna, 3 treatment rooms and 2 massage rooms. Nothing better than a hot stone massage to end the day. For couples who have taken a weekend off or are celebrating an anniversary, we have a double cabin where you and your partner can receive a treatment or massage at the same time.


Enjoy our brand new gymnasium with a view of the Andes. You will find weights, yoga mats, a treadmill, a bicycle…



Throughout your stay, you will always have the opportunity to discover a new activity.


Depending on the day and season you visit us, you can enjoy dinners with jazz or folkloric dance shows. Discover the art of the local Salteños while enjoying the local gastronomy. Take a look at our culinary experiences to discover our gastronomic universe.


We will give you binoculars, notebooks, and books to discover the local wildlife. Write down or draw the birds you see, their names, their characteristics, and how to help them if they are in danger of extinction.

The little ones can learn about the world of birds by coloring. When they arrive, we will give them a notebook with the birds found at the estancia.


After a long day of sightseeing, there is nothing better than sharing a board game with your family in our living room. We have many games for children and adults. Also, if you’re planning to spend the day enjoying the House of Jasmines’ facilities, don’t forget to sign up your children for our baking classes.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience at Estancia House of Jasmines in the province of Salta. Enjoy all the comforts of a Relais Chateaux estancia and admire the fabulous landscapes.

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